Bouldering in Albarracin

Albarracin has the reputation as the best bouldering area in Spain. It is often described as the next best bouldering area in Europe behind Fontainebleau, and is very popular with Spanish climbers. Albarracin has many huge ancient sandstone blocks that are solid, well-weathered and situated in a forest. There are a variety of problems to climb from quality slabs, amazing arêtes, overhanging walls on crimps and cracks, to huge roofs. There is a good spread of grades at Albarracin ranging from Fontainebleau 3 to 8b+, with the majority in the 5 to 7b range.


The town is named for the Hawwara Berber dynasty of the Banu Razin which was their capital from the early eleventh century until it was taken by the Almoravids in 1104.
From 1167 to 1300, Albarracín was an independent lordship known as the Sinyoría d’Albarrazín which was established after the partition of the Taifa of Albarracín under the control of Pedro Ruiz de Azagra. It was eventually conquered by Peter III of Aragon in 1284, and the ruling family, the House of Azagra was deposed. The last person to actually hold the title of Señor de Albarracín was Juan Núñez I de Lara, although his son, Juan Núñez II de Laracontinued on as the pretender to the title until 1300 when the city and its lands were officially incorporated into the Kingdom of Aragon.

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